PE Coating

Structure: PAPER / PE 

With the paper and polyethylene quantity alternatives, superior mechanic qualification is achieved from minumum to maximum.


  • Thermal adhesion
  • Water vapor barrier


This structure has the perfect resistence and moisture barrier qualification. It can be used with dry, powdered and other moisture sensitive products during shelf-life. It is also suitable for frozen food and single use shortlived packages.  

  • Baking Powder
  • Sugared Vanilla
  • Flour and starch
  • Salt, pepper, stik sugar
  • Frozen food packages
  • Chewing gum packages
  • Offset sheet and packaging materials
  • Paper glass
  • Patient bags
  • As a raw material in subsidiary industry (as wrapping paper or unprinted product)


Implementations at the Industry and Construction 

The structure of material: is designed to maximize the efficiency of activity with low cost,

The smooth surface lets the attractive designs and easy printing to promote the product effectively.

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